Creativ Club Austria and Gewista start poster workshop series

Creativ Club Austria and Gewista start poster workshop series

Montag, 16. April 2018:

Creativ Club Austria and Gewista were invited to an exclusive poster workshop at the 25Hours Hotel. The aim of this regular, workshop is to convey within a day, how classic creativity methods are used effectively for the analogue field and lead to more big ideas and industry innovations especially in the medium of posters. Mario Pricken and Dieter Weidhofer led the workshop, which is free of charge for Creativ Club Austria members.

The workshop encourages inspiration and - regardless of your frame of mind on the day - to produce numerous high-quality ideas and push them forward to implementation.

At the same time, the "black box creativity" is demystified through the deliberate application of effective thinking strategies of top international creators. The methods encourage the intelligent breaking of rules, disrupt inhibiting routines and encourage courageous disruptive solutions.

Participation is free for Creativ Club Austria members, with a total of only 24 seats per session. In the workshop the participants work on concrete tasks. One part of the workshop is dedicated to the topic "What will posters look like in 2030?" and develops innovative proposals.

The posters will subsequently be implemented by the agencies and judged by a jury as the highlight of the Plakat Academy 2018. The winning poster wins 25 poster positions in Vienna gaining self-promotion of the agency.

"We are very happy," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "to be able to offer this workshop together with the Creativ Club Austria, which is dedicated to the medium of posters and their diverse design possibilities. It is particularly important to us in this context to motivate young creative people to deal intensively with the poster, to use the strengths offered by the medium as effectively as possible and to inspire them with the results by reaching the greatest possible creativity! "

"The poster is the most traditional advertising medium and in the increasing digitisation of marketing stimulates an intensive creative debate. Its unique position in the public space gives creators far-reaching possibilities to address people with extraordinary messages and implementations. It’s position between mobile media use on smart devices and the purchase decision at the POS gives the poster an extraordinary power of activation, "says the creative committee of the Creativ Club Austria Alexander Hofmann (Young & Rubicam), welcoming the cooperation with Gewista.

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