Coca-Cola brings the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy live to Vienna via OOH

Coca-Cola brings the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy live to Vienna via OOH

Montag, 12. Februar 2018:

Which of the 32 teams taking part in draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ in Moscow will eventually raise the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy to the Russian sky on July 15 still remains to be seen. What is certain though is that on February 11, as part of the Coca-Cola World Cup™ Trophy Tour, this most sought-after trophy in world football will be on show in Austria for the first time at the Vienna City Hall. But not only will the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy be there to admire but also an impressive Out of Home campaign to promote the event.

The arrival of the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy in Vienna and the unique opportunity of viewing it at the Vienna City Hall as part of the Coca-Cola World Cup™ Trophy Tour just demands a corresponding advertising presence to match. Because of this, MediaCom, together with the advertising agency OBSCURA, developed a large-scale, high-impact campaign with a strong focus on Gewista’s Out of Media-Mix which will impressively promote the event at the City Hall. The highlight of the campaign is a total branding of the concourse in front of the Vienna City Hall - right at the POS - which shows David Alaba as ambassador for Coca-Cola and the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy on City Lights and foil-covered glass surfaces. The themes also give notice of a competition on in which 20x2 VIP-tickets 8 for the event at the City Hall can be won. But Rolling Boards are also used, as an attention-grabbing Innovative & Ambient Media special advertising form is staged at three high-coverage locations in Vienna. What’s more, wide coverage is also ensured by other City Lights around the City Hall and in Vienna City and also nationally distributed large-scale billboards and City Lights as well as Digital City Lights at high-traffic metro stations in Vienna.

Lisa Maria Moosburger, Brand Manager Sparkling, Coca Cola: Such an exceptional event demands exceptional solutions. Once we had succeeded in getting the World Cup™ Trophy to Austria we wanted to make sure all of Austria’s football fans knew about it. Alongside the very good classical Out of Home advertising forms, we also decided to go for innovative realizations using concourse branding and Infoscreen simulcast.”

Robin Bruckner, MediaCom: The FIFA World Cup is one of the few globally meaningful events which have a wide effect on every target group. But it was exactly the scale of the event which made the task of advertising efficiently and effectively particularly challenging. In a brilliant collaboration, a project came into being that was more than equal to the demands. We are very pleased that Coca-Cola is bringing the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy to Vienna and we’re proud to have developed the strategic communication concept behind this highlight and to have realized it along with Gewista.

“Coca-Cola featured the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour“, says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, “with an impressive Out of Home-Mediamix, which is truly unmissable. The Innovative & Ambient Media special production at concourses and Rolling Boards are not just unique eye-catchers, they’re also one of the Out of Home-advertising forms which leave an extremely strong impression on the customer about the products and services.”

Client: Lisa-Maria Moosbrugger, Brand Manager Sparkling, Coca-Cola
Creative agency: OBSCURA / Die Kreativwerkstatt, Christian Gstöttner, Geschäftsführer
Media agency: Robin Bruckner, MediaCom – die Kommunikationsagentur GmbH

Advertising form/ Out-of-home media mix:
3 Rolling Boards in Vienna in Total Look : 29.1-11.2. 2018
561 Billboards/national: 15.1-28.1.2018
1 Bus shelter/ Location Rathaus in Total Look: 8.2. - 14.2. 2018
630 City Lights/national: 18.1.-31.1.2018, 67 City Lights around the Rathaus/City: 8.2.-14.2.2018
Digitale City Lights in Vienna: Volkstheater, Wien Mitte, 1 Metro-Net, Deluxe Net: 15.1.-28.1.2018

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