The VAMP Award 2017 has been allocated: Gewista is again amongst the winners!

The VAMP Award 2017 has been allocated: Gewista is again amongst the winners!

Montag, 13. November 2017:

The “Ambient Media, Promotion and Digital out of Home Organisation (VAMP)” has, this year, awarded the sought-after VAMP award for the seventh time, for the most unusual creations and ideas in the domestic Ambient Media, Promotion and Digital out of Home – sector. There were gold, silver and bronze awards for the proud winners in the 10 established categories. Gewista was, in total, the biggest winner of the evening with six VAMP awards – three as principal submitter and three as a partner agent. The festive award ceremony took place at the iconic Viennese discotheque U4.


A first-rate expert jury, consisting this time of Harald Wimmer (FH St. Pölten), Niko Pabst (Marketing Club Österreich), Tina Kasperer (Media Award), Daniella Krautsack (COWS IN JACKETS) and Rudi Kobza (KOBZA AND THE HUNGRY EYES-KTHE), had the joyous and thrilling task of awarding the 30 winners, in a total of 10 categories, the VAMP Award 2017 in accordance with an approved points system. Just as diverse as the VAMP are the categories that can be submitted. These range from “The Best Ambient Media Campaign (AMBIENT MEDIA) to “The Most Appealing Sales-Promotion (PROMOTION) and the “DOOH Interactive (DOOH Digital Out of Home)” and reflect the diverse fields of application of the Ambient Media, Promotion and Digital Out of Home media fields.


Gewista is again among the winners!

Gewista was also among the winners again this year at the VAMP awards. Austria’s largest Out of Home concern won three VAMP awards as principal submitter – 2 gold awards and 1 bronze – as well as three as a partner agent – 2 gold awards and 1 silver.


Gewista – VAMP Award winner as principal submitter:

  • Gold was awarded for “Haus des Meeres” in the category “The Best Ambient Media Campaign” in association with TBWA Wien Werbeagentur GmbH (TBWA advertising agency Vienna).
  • Gold for the IKEA Cover Shooting in the category “The best classic DOOH (digital out of home) campaign” in association with WIRZ Werbeagentur GmbH (WIRZ advertising agency) and Vizeum Austria Media Service GmbH.
  • Bronze for Austrian Airlines-/”The Charming Way to Fly” in the category “The Best Cross-Media Campaign” in association with PKP BBDO Werbeagentur GmbH and UM PanMedia Kommunikationsberatung (communications consulting) and Mediaeinkauf GmbH.


Gewista – VAMP award winner as partner agent:

  • Gold for the Baywatch Launch Campaign in the category “The Best Cross-Media Campaign” (Principle submitter: IDEAL Live Marketing GmbH)
  • Silver for Omi’s Apple Strudel Campaign in the category “The Best Cross-Media Campaign” (Principle submitter: Cayenne Marketingagentur GmbH).
  • Gold for the Wiener Linien Tramwaytag 2016 in the category “The Best DOOH (digital out of home) interactive campaign” (Principle submitter: TUNNEL23 Werbeagentur GmbH).

“We are so pleased”, tells Andrea Groh, Gewista Chief Sales Officer, “that the Gewista, for and with its customers and media and creative partners, is once again among the winners at the VAMP Awards! This confirms once more our commitment to the innovative & ambient media fields as well as the Digital out of Home area. With the work of our in-house Gewista-Units “Innovative & Ambient Media” and “Digital”, under the guidance of Philip Hengl, we have managed to win six VAMP awards. This demonstrates how diverse and innovative Out of Home has become. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and agency partners who continue to take a chance with us in presenting extraordinary and creative productions and place their trust in us. The VAMP Awards that we have won in 2017 are a striking testament to this successful collaboration”.


The ten categories at a glance:

  1. The best ambient media campaign (AMBIENT MEDIA)
     The use of complimentary postcards, posters in fitness studios, gel in showers or similar ambient media. Unconventional, creative and attentiveness intense implementations that perhaps even set new trends are evaluated. '

  2. The best ambient media campaign in conjunction with “Passer-by Interaction” (AMBIENT MEDIA)
    use of ambient media with the focus on the passers-by actively participating in the ambient presentation, preferably without the direct prompting from a third party. The power to willingly participate in the action or interaction with the medium is evaluated.

  3. The most flamboyant promotion (PROMOTION)
    Sampling the product or its application is one of the oldest advertising tools. It shows us how current this form of advertising can still be today. The creativity, brand-consistency, effectiveness and target-group accuracy are evaluated.

  4. The most appealing sales-promotion (PROMOTION)  
    The best presentation of a promotion in food retailing, speciality electronic markets or other sales outlets. Creativity, brand-consistency, efficiency, sales push and generated turnover are evaluated.

  5. The best road show (PROMOTION)
    To harmoniously present products, brands and their brand world, to reach the advised target group and to invite them to a real or virtual experience – a road show can do all of that. Creativity, market presentation, apparatus, location choice and target group accuracy are evaluated.

  6. DOOH Interactive (DOOH Digital Out of Home)
    The central idea in this category is the combination of screens & interaction on the screen (for example, motion sensors, mobile to screen technology, touch screens). Creativity and the acceptance of the idea by the target group are evaluated.

  7. DOOH Classic (DOOH Digital Out of Home)
    The playful use of media at different touch points, time tracks or subjects adapted to the target group and time are evaluated here.

  8. The best cross-media campaign (GENERAL)
    (In all VAMP fields, whether AM, Promotion, DOOH). Here, individual advertising forms of the 3 media genres are combined in association – including other disciplines. Ambient Media and/or Promotions must be a component of the submitted campaign. The red thread, the story, the targeted use of different advertising instruments and their combination, the synergy effects between the various media genres, the creativity, brand accuracy  and the measured and documented (!) Output of the campaign are evaluated.

  9. The most efficient action/campaign (GENERAL)
    This is not just about small budgets, but the input/output relation. In this case, small budgets can also be large. The documented and proven input/output relation is evaluated here.
  10. The cheekiest guerilla campaign (GENERAL)
    Unusual ideas that please through their unconventionality are awarded in this category. Here is where the VAMP shows it cheeky side. Creativity, the novelty factor and the action’s surprising moment are evaluated.
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